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"I do you hair mommy?"
So, I'm winding down the day with my son, Aaron(2), "combing" my hair.  I haven't a clue what he thinks he's doing.  It seems that he's very proud of himself.  He's quiet and calm.  That's an even exchange for a few minutes of hair pulling.
  He is so loud when he's awake that he could be six children all on his own.  I just don't see how one little person can make so much noise. He's louder than all 5 of my others put together.

Today was such a productive day.  I got my locker out of the garage.  My oldest son insisted on having a locker in his room after seeing one on pinterest.  I got two sets on craigs list and painted one black for him and one set white for my girls.  There is no way to get this thing to my girls room.  The stairs to the attic, where their room is, is far too narrow.  So, I have inherited the lockers.  They are such a great organizational tool.  There are 12 individual lockers for me to put things in.  I put away my soap supplies today.  I've missed them. It's been so long since I've made soap.  I can't wait!  With any luck I can build enough up to sell some again in a month or so. I do plan to make some body cream as soon as I figure out the best containers to use.  I also put my herbs and canning jars up in the kitchen.  I have a slight obsession with mason jars. I just think they are so neat looking.  In my mind of the most organized person ever but the reality is the six kids who are NOT. Oh well.  They look great for now.  I just need my missing label maker and the tops to my half gallon jars to put away some of the unjarred herbs I bought from Frontier earlier this year.  I'd like to expand my herb collection for magical purposes and herbalism study as well.  

We got very little...nothing done school wise today because  I was hoping I'd finish the garage, which I didn't.  I'm okay with it though, the things in there are big things and hard to carry.  I'm surprised M, Chris(13) and I were able to do as much as we did.  Have I mentioned I HATE moving?  I'm glad in many ways that this will be my last move for a while though I'll be sad for a while that I'm not certainly stuck in Chicago for at least a good decade. 

Another great thing that happened today is that I ended a toxic friendship.  I hope I don't hear from this person again for a good long while.  I also learned a great life lesson:  NEVER hire a friend, especially one whose lifestyle you're unsure of. 

Day 2 with no soda and I'm not missing it, go me :)


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