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A Different Direction
I need to blog.  I have a lot to say and I'd like to get motivated to get things back to normal.  We're now in Chicago.  We moved to the city in November.  My mother and I bought a house near my family home and here we are a few issues.  I don't care for the city.  I loved the open space of the close proximity to nature we had out in the suburbs.  I'm very out of sorts here.  Don't get me wrong, I love our house!  It's beautiful and the perfect size for us.  I do wish we  had more yard but I can work with what I have.  Being honest, I always have a hard time keeping up with yard work but I always want the space.  Maybe the size will fit us just right.  I will still garden, I love gardening and it helps me feel closer to the earth.  I'm absolutely surrounded by christians here.  That isn't a bad thing really, that is the case in most parts of the country.  However, before I had my little pagan gatherings.  I'll have to find a new outlet for that here.  There is no one like me anywhere near me.  That is hard.  No baby wearers, no breastfeeders, no one passionate about birth or homeschool or anything that I love talking about.  I know there are people like that in the city, quite likely not near me, but I know they exist.  I will find them!

So, today is the first day of the new me.  I have several goals and I'd like to get some semblance of normalcy.  Since M's accident, I have none.  My life has been revolving around him.  We're separated though I do still care for him and he lives here.  I need to get back focus to where it belongs. So, here's to normal!

Today we started a science experiment.  I'm excited to see the outcome as well as the follow ups.  We're making two naked eggs and I'm hoping they both come out in decent enough condition to do follow ups on.  We haven't done a science experiment is quite some time.  The children are very excited!

Even after one short hour you can already see the calcium breaking down from the acetic acid.  I wasn't expecting a reaction so soon.  I imagine our eggs will be completely naked when we wake up(or close to it).

Before all this, I was also trying to make the switch to green cleaning supplies.  Today I found a link on pinterest to an orange infused vinegar tincture of sorts.  I started that today as well.  We'll see how that turns out in a couple weeks. 

I have a long list of green cleaning agents and I'll be replacing them as I run out.  I will post them here as well as how they worked.


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