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C25k: Week 1 Day 3
This is actually my 4th day of running.  I did day 2 twice.  I felt weird doing nothing in between.  I'm so beyond proud of myself!  I started going to the gym yesterday.  I worked out with my aunt for an hour and a half.  This morning I went back and got a guest pass for a week.  I won't be using this gym, they just opened one closer but the pass will last until my aunt goes back down state.  I am embarrased to go alone.  I don't know why.  No one is paying attention(or it doesn't seem as if they are).  They all just look so good and I'm not fit at all yet :(  Yesterday when I was with my aunt it was so much more comfortable.  This morning I did my run, got on an ab machine(I hate my tummy) and left.

As far as getting fit, I've decided not to change my diet yet.  I don't think I am able to do both at once.  Once I get into my exercise routine and I'm going consistently, I'll change my diet.  I do enjoy this though.  It's nice to get something accomplished before the house is even awake.  I went today and yesterday from 7-8am and the kids are just getting up when I come back home.  I'm also not weighing myself.  After a month, I will.  I know I'll just get discouraged if I do it too soon or too often. 
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