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C25K: Day 2
I feel great.  I finished day two without pause.  For a second there I wanted keep going.  Thank goodness for my play list.  My aunt, Amanda, died in 1999.  There is an old Mase song, Feels so Good, that she loved.  I never really cared for it then but it's in my iPod because it makes me think of her.  When it came on, it gave me a second wind.  I was able to distract myself from the pain thinking happy thoughts of her :)

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Great job! I bet having that little burst of positive energery really helped. :)
What else is on your playlist?

Charmer-Kings of Leon, Fans-Kings of Leon, Marry You- Bruno Mars, Hey Ya- Outkasts, Sk8r Boi- Avril Lavigne, The Motto- Drake, Boy with a Coin- Iron and Wine, Hey Mama-Kanye West, Ass like That- Eminem. I used to have a good meaningful playlist, this one was sort of on the fly, lol. It's so random.

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