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Happy Time :-D
II just realized my other posts are all mopey.  I'm not a naturally sad person in general.  Actually, a lot of the reason I make sad posts is because I hate being sad and am generally a happy person.  I let the saddness out on 'paper' to avoid showing it in person.  I'm not sure this is a good tactic but it's me.

So, I'm super excited!  We're going to Renn Faire.  Last week we were in Wisconsin Dells, my sweet mother treated us tp a trip.  I'm convinced that trip saved my sanity and prepared me for the week from hell I was about to face at home.  Four days with no responsibilty and all the beautiful smiles and laughs from the kids was all I need to remind myself that I can do this!!  Renn Faire.  We've never been.  I have no idea what to expect but I'm certain the kids will have a blast just based on wha I've heard from others as well as the website.  We might go today.  I didn't think we could.  Money is tight but this weekend, the last one of Renn Fair, has a promotion and all kids are free!

I'm also happy about my church.  I love it.  While I am pagan I attend a Unitarian Universalist Church when I can(which hasn't been often lately).  Despite not yet being a member AND the fact that I haven't been lately they were very helpful to me just recently.  Becaue of M's pending status in, well, everything, there were a few issues I had that I couldn't get out of alone.  Those wonderful people are helping me and I couldn't be more grateful!

My dog is also doing very well.  she was hit by a car two weeks ago. She's basically back to her old self.  She's so cute when she runs all peg legged with her cast.  I love it.  I'll be happy once it comes off though.  She's my walking buddy and I miss taking walks  I'd like to get back to it.

Oh yea.  I'm on a life changing adventure right now.  I've gained weight since M has been ill, I'm not sure HOW since I'm always on the go.  I do know that I've been eating more.  I could go for a while and not be hungry before and now it feels like I'm hungry all the time.  I'll spare the depressing details but when I weighed myself last I was not a happy girl.  While I don't always lose, I'm usually consistent and I gained around 17 pounds.  So, I'm on a diet and trying to excercise.   Diet is the wrong term...I'm trying to fix my habits.  Diets do not work and I know it.  So far so good!  I'm challenging myelf to drink more water and MUCH less juice and soda.  I'm doing as much Just Dance 2 as I can each day.  I got an hour in the other night and it felt great!  I'm also trying to get back into FLY lady because my house is a mess and the guests that have about worn out their welcome are no longer very helpful.  With any luck it will be very soon.
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