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"You choose this."
A couple weeks ago I had a graduation party.  It went really well.  I saw a lot of old friends.  One was a young lady I'd been a girl scout with.  She's now a teacher.  When I told I was homeschooling, she had a million(judgmental) questions under the guise of simple curiosity.  The last question she asked was what the biggest challenge was.  It took me a moment to think.  I truly do enjoy my children.  I answered her with, "Well, I don't get a lot of time to myself."  She looked at me mockingly and said, "But you choose this.  You don't have to."  I was so taken aback by her statement that I didn't really know how to answer.  Don't we all choose our children's educational choices?  I know many mothers who would love to be with their children all day but can't.  Why doesn't this argument work for them?  Because it's the norm?  For those women, they are offered comfort.  As an homeschooling mother, I'm offered mockerey.  To add to  irony, she had just complained about the lack of time from her toddler and preschooler, despite working outside the homes several hours a day.  Didn't she choose to have them?  If I have no right to wish for more time, how does she?  Also, there was a time when I did have time away from my children.  Did I choose for my husband to become brain injured?  NO.  I did not.  Do I choose to keep my children home and have less time for myself?  I sure do.  There is never a moment when I regret it.  Nothing in life is all sunshine and flowers all the time.  There are downsides to every decision we make.  Downsides do not make that decision the wrong one.  Nothing in life is free.


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